🔒 Thursday Thread: What has async enabled in your life?

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🔒 Thursday Thread: What has async enabled in your life?
Illustration by Margarida Mouta

Hey Async-ionados,

We're back with a new member thread! This one is inspired by newsletter member Thibaut's comment from last month:    

What has async enabled in your life? Why is this way of working worth advocating for?  

In a world that's designed to distract, work that rewards ASAP responses, and culture that elevates busyness and "hustle", it's good to remind ourselves that there are others out there who share a vision for what work could be: good for business and for people.

(Not to mention American Thanksgiving gives me all the warm, fuzzy gratitude vibes.)

I'll pick one commenter from the thread to send an exclusive, can't-buy-it-anywhere-for-any-amount-of-money async swag pack including the aforementioned mug/baby bottle warmer... 👀

I'm off next week to stuff my face with turkey and pie, but I'll be back with a new issue the week after.

– Becky and the Twist team

P.S. To the 640 of you who took the time to respond to the member survey, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Your feedback and ideas already have our wheels turning on where we could head next with the newsletter.

The 10 lucky winners will be getting an email from me today with your swag link. Keep an eye out!