New to Async? You've come to the right place

Shifting your team away from the ASAP status quo to a more focused, productive, and intentional way of working isn't easy. But the things worth fighting for rarely are.

Here are six of our most actionable newsletters from the archives to help you get started:    

1) Make the science-backed case for async work and learn the foundations for creating a more async culture on your team:

What is asynchronous communication? Plus, how to implement it
And what you can do to start implementing it, whether you’re an individual contributor or a team leader.

2) Flip the way you think about meetings to identify which ones to keep and which ones to turn async.

The flipped meeting model
How async collaboration will save meetings

3) Use these exact scripts to tactfully decline meetings and share them with your team!

27 tactful scripts for saying no to work meetings
27 tactful scripts you can steal to protect your time without burning bridges

4) Read (and share) this supremely actionable guide to making decisions asynchronously with real-life examples.

(Spoiler alert: it's not as complicated as you think!)

How to make decisions async (and avoid endless meetings)
90% of decisions can be made async. Follow this 5-step process to do it effectively.

5) Establish simple but effective systems of accountability that prioritize work accomplished over hours worked.

3 time-tested systems to hold remote workers accountable
There’s a common misconception that it’s harder to hold employees accountable when they work remotely. More often, it’s the exact opposite.

6) Learn why a myopic focus on cancelling meetings can actually hinder your async efforts and how to think about creating lasting change on your team.

You can’t just cancel 76,500 hours of meetings
Why async work experiments fail