The best (and worst) OOO autoresponders you've ever seen

The best (and worst) OOO autoresponders you've ever seen
Illustration by Yin Weihung

We're deep into the heart of summer here in the northern hemisphere and it feels like every other email you send returns an automated "Out of Office" message.

I love reading these. They say so much about societal expectations around response times, how we set (or don't set) boundaries around time off, and our relationship to work in general.

What memorable (good or bad) OOO autoresponders have you seen? How do you approach your own OOO messages?

Relatedly (and perhaps more helpfully), what tactics do you use to set yourself up to not check work while you're on vacation? What do you do to not hate life when you get back to hundreds of unread emails? How do you take a real vacation when work can follow you wherever you have a wifi connection and periodically checking work often feels less stressful than disconnecting completely?

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